SPIES! - Getting to the (first) finish line

The registration window for Philadelphia Fringe Festival is open as of March 1!

And I still have not registered SPIES! ("spies, exclamation point") yet.


Because I still have not quite finished the script. I am super duper close. Just the pesky ending(s) to tackle.


Yes! Because the end will change based on the attendee's decisions. So... I need to write a few versions of the ending, and see how that layers in. It isn't the simplest thing. At our last meeting of the Bourbon Bowls (my playwriting group), I was asked for a diagram of the entire play. Yes, that's a good thing to do. Because keeping track of all of the, well, tracks, can only be done in diagram form!

Other things I will need to do:

  1. Hire a producer
  2. Hire a director
  3. Hire actors
  4. Secure a venue
  5. Register for Fringe Fest
  6. Get insurance
  7. Make an LLC

NBD. Totally doable. Anyway, aiming to have a first reading in May! Here goes nothing...