Philadelphia Fringe Festival, Sept. 2018

Welcome to the world of Spies!, set in the fictional country of Fitzerland (they're neutral).

Guests join the cast of eight actors for an immersive, choose-your-group's-adventure game/play that features two opposing countries' espionage arms, secret pasts, unexpected reunions, a deadly threat, and one probably-pretty-evil patron. 

Throughout the evening, you are a spy, and your spy handler will be texting you, entreating help on your country's strategy to stay one step ahead of your enemies. Your decisions determine the story's outcome. You determine whether your country thrives, survives, or dies.

This play was developed within the PlayPenn workshop, as well as with my playwriting group, the Bourbon Bowls.

It will debut in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival in September 2018.


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