"My mind rebels at stagnation."

Stories are an essential part of our lives. I aim to tell my own stories in various ways. Primarily, I write thrillers with speculative twists. Literary themes I love to explore include: friendship, travel, museums, synesthesia, betrayal, neural coupling, witty banter, time, old things, magic, and love. I'm currently working on a choose-your-own adventure immersive play. Stay tuned for workshop invites!

I am an active singer-songwriter, and you can find me performing around Philadelphia, or occasionally singing with my classically-trained-soprano voice at weddings in France or Italy (please contact me if you have any such opportunities available. No, really. As soon as possible.)  

For the past three summers, I've joined the Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Orchestra to perform The Lord of the Rings trilogy in Concert. It was awesome. 

I also completed the 2015 Sherlock Holmes and the Internet of Things MOOC through Columbia.

During the day I am a Marketing & Communications Manager, and my educational background is in Geosciences, Anthropology, and Museum Studies.

To quote Sherlock Holmes, "My mind rebels at stagnation."